Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a temporary / disposable / anonymous email?

A. Disposable e-mail is a temporary and completely anonymous email address that does not require any registration.

2. What is the difference of disposable mail from the usual emails we use?

  • Registration is not required;
  • It is completely anonymous. All your personal details, address, IP address are removed after 24 hours.
  • Messages are delivered instantaneously.
  • E-mail address is generated automatically. But you can also choose an custom one.
  • Mailbox is fully protected from spam, hacking and exploits.

3. How long is my Email ID active?

A. Because of people using our generated temporary emails for services like Facebook, Tinder and other social networks we're receiving a lot of spam, and that takes our time as we need to clean the servers once in 24 hours, we may delete domains and provide new domains instead of the previous ones any time without further notice.

4. I've waited more than 15 min but no message arrived!

A. Sometimes, there can be some delay because our servers get swamped with tons of users daily. Just try again after sometime. Also, sometimes some of our domains may get blacklisted because of excessive use, so try creating emails from different domain.

5. How many Temporary Email Addresses can i create?

A. There is no limit of number of email addresses you can create.

6. How can we sent emails?

A: Sending and replying to emails is completely disabled and we are not going to implement it due to fraud and spam issues.