What is Temporary Email and Why Would I Need It

Email address is a fundamental part of every user’s online activities. Emails are a great tool for personal and professional communication. Most of the websites on the internet allow users to access their content after asking for their valid email addresses.

It means that having an email address is necessary in today’s fast-paced world. However, using your email address for entering every website will lead to an overwhelming number of emails coming to your inbox. These unwanted emails create clutter in the inbox, and you find it difficult to filter out the useful ones.

This is the reason you may take benefit of a temporary or disposable email service. 

What is a Temporary Email?

A temporary email address allows you to access, sign-up, or log in to a website without the need to enter your personal email address. It means that you will not be bothered by a constant flow of junk mail in your inbox. 

As their name suggests, you can create such email addresses and customize them for a given purpose. Then you can delete or dispose of them when the purpose is served. 

Using a temporary email ensures that your original mailbox is not filled with spam messages, advertisements, and junk mail. You will continue to receive all important messages in your mail inbox.

Features of a Temporary Email

Temporary email, also called a disposable email, is completely anonymous and does not require any registration. It has the following features.

  • You do not require registration.
  • It is totally anonymous, and the user’s personal details such as IP address are removed within 24 hours.
  • You can use a customized or automatically generated email address. 
  • Mailbox is not vulnerable to spam, exploits, or hacking.
  • You can create unlimited email addresses.
  • You can not send or reply to any emails through a temporary email address. 
  • LuxusMail provides notifications even when you are not logged in. 

Benefits of a Temporary Email

Here we will discuss a few benefits of using a temporary email.

  1. Ability to access multiple websites:

Most people who sign up to different websites or apps are annoyed by the constant spam, junk, and advertising messages that flood their inboxes. A temporary email address belongs to you but is still not your personal address. Therefore you do not need to spare your time for deleting spam and junk mail gathered in your inbox.

 2. Conveniently sign up for special offers:

Most people hesitate to sign up for special offers and rewards from various companies or websites because they do not want to clutter their inboxes. When you have a temporary email address, you can easily sign-up, create an account, and avail of the offer. You won’t get any marketing or advertising message in your original mailbox. 

 3. Prevent your inbox from spam and junk mail:

Sharing your personal email address with every website, store and app is not a great idea. Email marketing is a core marketing strategy, and your inbox will become a destination for their advertising mails. You can entirely get rid of such spam messages and junk mail by dropping a temporary email address to such websites and apps. 

 4. Your personal information remains secure:

When a website gets hacked, the hackers may have access to the personal information of all those people who have signed up with that website. Though online security has greatly improved over the past few years, there is a chance that you may get robbed if your personal details fall in the wrong hands. Luckily LuxusMail is a temporary email service that does not require you to put your personal information in it and keeps you safe at all costs.

Advantages of Using LuxusMail:

  1. LuxusMail is totally free of cost, and there are no hidden charges.
  2. You can instantly create a disposable email with a click.
  3. Emails are securely deleted after 24 hours. 
  4. Get your original email secure and free from spam mails. 

Our Verdict:

If you do not want to use your primary email address to register on different websites, you’re free to use LuxusMail. It will help you keep your mailbox secure from online threats such as attacking robots and hackers.

You can also avoid spammers, advertising newsletters, and unwanted notifications by creating as many disposable email addresses as you require.