Temporary Email for Social Media

Making an account on any social media app such as Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram requires you to enter your email address to receive information about your activation link. 

Today we all are using various social media apps for different purposes. For example, we use Linkedin for professional communication. On Facebook, we informally connect with family and friends, but sometimes we use Facebook for business purposes too. 

Different social media apps send you various messages from time to time. These email messages may or may not have any significant value for you. Let’s suppose you receive three messages in a day from your social media accounts; by the end of the week, your inbox will become quite cluttered. 

If you do not want these social media apps to send you spam messages, you should use a temporary email address for creating social media accounts. Some people think that a temporary email is a tool that is used by spammers and intruders for fulfilling their evil purposes, such as sending unwanted ads and viruses. However, this is not the case. 

Here are some pros of using temporary email addresses for your social media accounts. 

No Spam Mails:

Temporary mail is an outstanding tool for preventing spam from cluttering your mailbox. If you want to keep your mailbox entirely for personal and business messages, then you can choose to make your social media accounts with a temporary email address.

You can also register with various discussion forums with temporary mail. It will ensure that your personal information remains safe and secure. It also ensures that your mailbox will not get cluttered with unnecessary junk mails. You can save a lot of time and minimize confusion when you don’t have to sort out your necessary and unnecessary emails. 


Since you are not using registration information to make your temporary email account, you don’t need to disclose your personal information online. It means that you are on a safer side from the possible attacks of hackers and other mischievous people. The Stealth of personal data online may result in a loss of money from electronic wallets and credit cards. It also makes you vulnerable to loss of personal data from your devices such as mobile and computers. 


If someone hacks your social media account, they can not access your sensitive information when you have created your social media account with a temporary email address. It means that you just need to delete that hacked social media account, and you are save from any possible cybercrimes that may have otherwise happened. 

Why should you consider LuxusMail for Your Social Media?

Most of us are updating our social media networks personally. We may use social media for personal and professional purposes. LuxusMail is a great tool that will protect your original mailbox from spam, robots, and hacking. 

LuxusMail enables you to download any game, article, or e-book without the fear of getting bombarded with spam in the email inbox. You just need to make a temporary email address that will remain valid for just 24 hours. You can produce as many email addresses as you want.