How To Remain Anonymous on the Internet

Some say that the internet was built on anonymity, allowing for a world where free expression reigns supreme. Online privacy is far from assured, despite years of knowing who is monitoring everything we do online.

It’s not only about government spying; it’s also about how much data big companies have gathered to serve targeted ads—not to mention how much of your personal information has been stolen in all the breaches and hacks.

Why it’s crucial to keep your identity hidden:

  • Identity Protection:

You may not always want people to know your true identity, even if you’re not breaking any laws or acting unethically. A certain measure of social safety is provided by anonymity. It is vital for introverts in online communities.

  • Personal Harassment: 

On the internet, anonymity is also necessary for freedom of expression. One of the most impressive qualities of the internet is its potential to give voice to people who have been silenced on purpose. It allows people to express themselves without fear of retaliation.

  • Sensitive Issues: 

Another group that benefits from anonymity is individuals who require further information on a specific topic but do not want to be found seeking it. Unwittingly, the majority of people fall into this category.

How can you remain anonymous?

  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) to remain anonymous online: 

A VPN is amongst the best investments you can make to keep yourself safe online. It runs by encrypting the data you send across the internet. It makes it impossible for others to see what you’re doing on the internet. 

A good and safe VPN Service we would suggest would be definitely VeePN a well known VPN Provider that will keep you safe from hackers or anyone else who might try keeping tabs on your online activity.

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  • Tor Browser: 

You should use the Tor browser if you want to browse the internet completely anonymously. Tor uses an onion routing mechanism, unlike traditional browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. When data is encrypted and routed across many nodes, this is known as a multi-node network.

  • Don’t log in to other websites using your Facebook or Google account:

 Many websites allow you to create a new login using your Facebook or Google account, which is convenient. You won’t have to establish a new username or remember a new password. However, integrating your accounts from many sites in this manner compromises your anonymity. It is true if you use your given name on social networking sites like Facebook and Google. Instead, for each site you want to utilize, you should register a new account. You can use a password manager if you’re worried about forgetting your passwords.

  • Disposable email:

Disposable email addresses are referred to as “throwaway” or “burner” addresses. It is because they are just temporary and are only used once or twice. Certain people use them if they don’t want their personal or business email address to be published. Visitors are not limited in the number of email addresses they can create because they are not illegal.

These addresses exist purely to forward messages to a specific account. They use a domain that is not the same as the account holder’s in most cases. Your notes will reach the inbox, but your open and engagement rates will suffer.

Temporary or semi-permanent addresses will influence your sender’s reputation because they are one-time addresses. You can harm your sender rates because emails will bounce after the initial send. Furthermore, they aren’t on your list at all.


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